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  • December 15, 2021

Wrapping up 2021

Mindfully reflecting and responding to the year.

Wow. What a Year.  On an energetic level, there have been some major shifts that have caused most of us to feel fatigued and unsettled at times.  We have also been dealing with some rather frustrating political issues within South Africa, and our health is in a constant state of collective questioning.

Wow. What a lot we got.


But, you know, we only know the day because we know night, the same is true of the darkness, whereafter, we know light. The growth and realization come from being aware of the challenges, gifts, and lessons we are learning.  To be able to become so in tune with your body, that you are aware of when dysregulation shows up – you can SIT WITH the uncomfortable and witness what/why/how it’s there and show up for YOURSELF.


Every moment of discomfort is a lesson.  Every person that causes conflict/tension in our lives is a mirror of ourselves.  And the moment we become aware is the moment we are gifting ourselves with an opportunity to heal. And as Socrates so aptly says,


“The unexamined life is not worth living.” 


And so, if you wish to reflect on 2021, here are a few of my tips on how to do just that:


  1. Spend time in Meditation – honestly the value of meditation is something I cannot express enough.  Allow yourself some time to reconnect with yourself – by sitting in stillness and letting the mind and body integrate.

  2. Buy yourself a journal and start to reflect on 10 things that you are so grateful for in 2021.  Describe the gratitude in detail – how does it feel, what is it, why does it make you feel grateful?

  3. Do the due diligence and get honest with yourself – where did you slip up this year?  How can you practice gentleness with yourself and forgive yourself for what went wrong?  What lessons can you take into 2022 from the challenges that arose?

  4. What can you celebrate in 2021?  What are your proud of yourself for?  What wins did you have?  How did they feel? How did you celebrate?  How can you harness more of this in 2022?

  5. And the last, a LIST OF LOVE…take some time to write down a list of things you absolutely love.  From things as small as dappled light, to your beautiful best friend or partner.  There is no end to this list, maybe stick it on your fridge and every time you feel you heart flutter with love, add to the list!  

Healthy Hunnies have a downloadable workbook that takes these questions even further, head here for your free copy!