Homeopathy for the Home


Dr. Ruth Bloch and Dr. Barbara Lewis have harnessed their immense experience in the fields of homoeopathy and herbalism to enable the lay person to apply homoeopathy safely and effectively in first-aid situations at home.

Based on a first aid homoeopathy course, this title contains: an overview of the history, theory and philosophy of homoeopathy; 34 homoeopathic remedies, listed in alphabetical order, that form the basis of almost all commonly encountered first-aid circumstances; safety criteria; an A-Z of common ailments, describing symptoms and remedies to be used for treatment, and including handy household and herbal hint boxes; a section for treating pets; useful remedy and ailment cards to serve as quick references while administering homoeopathic first aid; questions and answers to test the knowledge you have gained.

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Homeopathy when utlised correctly is incredibly useful, safe and effective. It can address a wide range of issues from burns and injuries to shock, trauma and illness. The key is learning how to identify the key indicators. These sublte differences in symptoms determine which remedy you choose. They could be objective symptoms that can be observed like flushed, red faced and slimy tongue or subjective symptoms such as weepy mood or the feeling of bursting with pain. Do symptoms improve in cool open air or get worse at night? These are all questions that this book helps you to answer, effectively you empowering you with the knowledge to treat minor conditions in the home.

It is one of the best reference guides that we have come across. It is easy to find and cross reference remedies and ailments and key indicators are clearly listed so that you can make an informed decision on which remedy to choose.

It is particularly useful for mothers with young children who want to support and nuture their childs ability to recover and heal. It saved me through the teething years with my three young children and abated many fevers, burns, bruises and coughs. By supporting the body rather than supressing symptoms, you allow the body to learn and grow from strentgh to strength. Every Mother should be empowered with the knowledge of basic homepoathy and this book does exactly that.

We will soon be stocking at home kits so that you have all the remedies you need at your disposal.