Mom & Baby Keynote Kit


A must have kit for all Moms! This Mom and Baby Kit brings homeopathy into the home in a useful and user friendly way. It includes 12 liquid homeopathic remedies that address a wide range of issues e.g. teething, lactation, calm, allergies, injury, colds and flu, ears etc. (see full list below)

Homeopathy when utilised correctly is incredibly useful, safe and effective. It can address a wide range of issues from burns and injuries to shock, trauma and illness.

If you are a Mother with young children who wants to support and nurture their child’s ability to recover and heal then this is the kit for you. Personally homeopathy saved me through the teething years with my three young children and abated many fevers, burns, bruises and coughs.

By supporting the body rather than suppressing symptoms, you allow the body to learn and grow through illness. Every Mother should be empowered with homeopathic remedies in the home. The next step is building your cabinet of single remedies and using a reference guide such as Homeopathy in the Home to further your mastery of Homeopathy.

Please note that when you find yourself overwhelmed and feel that you need additional support find an experienced practitioner who can advise you further. Some illnesses can be life threatening and, if necessary, you should seek expert medical advice. Using your discretion (Mother’s intuition), if improvement has not been seen within 24-48 hours. Always remember that the human body has an incredible capacity to heal, most of the time it requires less interference and more gentle guidance.

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This Kit contains the following Homeopathic remedy complexes, the most appropriate remedy is selected when matched to the keynote symptoms alongside:

  • ABC Fever – An effective complex of Aconite, Belladonna and Chamomilla, for the relief of feverish illness.
    • Sudden onset fever
    • After exposure to cold dry wind, shock, heat from the sun or after swimming with water in the ears
    • May have intolerable pains alongside fever
    • Redness and heat in the cheeks and face, with cold hands and feet
    • May be given frequently at start of fever, up to every 15 minutes
  • Allergies – May help relieve symptoms associated with seasonal and environmental allergies, hayfever and sinusitis.
    • Itchy watery eyes, itchy throat, sneezing, running nose, sinus, postnasal drip, nasal congestion, sinus headache
    • Helps with drainage of ears & nose
    • Works to reduce histamine inflammatory reactions
    • Desensitizes from most common South African allergens, taken daily for 3 months for long-term reduction in the sensitivity to allergens
  • Bites, Stings & Boils – May assist with the after effects from insect bites and stings, as well as pain and healing of boils.
    • Redness, swelling, itching
    • Shooting pains resulting directly from a sting or bite
    • Histamine reactions with inflammation & swelling of area
    • Boils due to staphylococcus infection
  • Calm – May be used to calm the nervous system, to improve mood and help support restful sleep.
    • Sleeplessness, insomnia, nervousness, anxiety
    • Take after a sudden shock
    • Anxiety at night, restlessness
    • Sensation of a lump in the throat, want to cry but cannot or may be very weepy
  • Cold & Flu – May assist in speeding up recovery and easing symptoms of colds and flus.
    • General fatigue, bone pain, sore throat, fever, sneezing, runny nose, yellow green or even bloody nasal mucus, headache
    • May be used for viral or bacterial infections
  • Diarrhea – May help relieve symptoms of loose stool and gastritis.
    • Diarrhea after anger or anxiety, after fruits or seafood, from food poisoning
    • May experience abdominal pains that are better bending over or from pressure
    • Sight & smell of food may aggravate symptoms
    • Vomiting and diarrhea at the same time, gastritis with burning and nausea
    • Can be taken after every loose stool
  • Ears – May help relieve the pain and inflammation relating to otitis/ earache
    • Pain may be intolerable, with fever, swollen glands, inflammation, earache
    • May have a lowered immune system with recurrence of infections
    • Blocked ears with impacted with wax
    • Child tugs on ears and cries when lies flat
  • Injury – May speed healing processes after traumatic injury or post-surgery
    • Bruising, fractures, sprains, strains, neuritis, nerve pain, crushed fingers
    • Pain, swelling, bruising after surgery
    • Extreme pain after injury
    • May be used after vaginal and caesarean child birth
  • Lactation – Supports healthy breastfeeding and milk production, as well as mastitis and fever.
    • Fever with heat and redness, breast hard, red and painful to the slightest touch or movement
    • Clogged ducts, engorgement of breasts, over or under production of milk
    • May have some anxiety
    • Cracked ulcerated nipples, shooting pains with nursing
  • Teething – May assist in relieving pain and discomfort in teething children.
    • Fussiness, irritability, child is constantly whining and wants to be carried
    • Lots of saliva with drooling
    • May have a low grade fever
    • Red cheeks, diarrhea, swollen gums, intolerance to the pain
  • Throat – May help relieve the pain, reduce inflammation and fight the infection relating to sore throat & tonsillitis.
    • Sore throat with swollen glands and tonsils, lots of saliva, may have white ulcers on tonsils, redness & swelling at the back of the throat, difficulty swallowing
    • Fever, can administer often when fever is very high
    • Also covers possible strep throat infection
  • Tummy – May help ease abdominal discomfort due to colic or constipation.
    • Constipation, hard dry stools, painful to pass stool, abdominal cramping
    • Colic and reflux in infants
    • Abdominal cramps after over indulgence, liver & gallbladder support
    • Bloating and fullness, excessive gas and pain


All remedy complexes are hand succussed according to homeopathic principles, by qualified homeopathic doctors, using carefully formulated ethanolic complexes in distilled water. No alcohol or preservatives are added further.

  1. ABC Fever: Aconite 30CH, Belladonna 30CH, Chamomilla 30CH
  2. Allergies: Allium cepa 30CH, Dulcamara 9CH, Histaminum 9CH, Hydrastis 9CH, Kali Bich 6X, Kali Mur 6X, Mixed allergen 30CH, Nat-mur 30CH, Pulsatilla 30CH, Sabadilla 6D, Sambucus 9CH
  3. Bites, Stings & Boils: Apis 30CH, Arnica 30CH, Belladonna 30CH, Hepar sulph 6CH, Histaminum 30CH, Lachesis 30CH, Ledum 30CH, Silicea D6, Staph 6X, Urtica urens 30CH
  4. Calm: Aconite 30CH, Argentum nit 30CH, Gelsemium 30CH, Ignatia 200CH, Nat mur 30CH, Passiflora 30CH
  5. Cold & Flu: Aconite 30CH, Allium cepa 9CH, Baptisia 9CH, Eupatorium 9CH, Ferrum phos 9CH, Gelsemium 30CH, Influenzinum 9CH, Merc sol. 9CH, Phosphorus 9CH, Pulsatilla 9CH, Staphylococcus 6X, Stretococcus 6X
  6. Diarrhea: Aloe 9CH, Arsenicum alb 30CH, Colocynthis 9CH, Croton tig 9CH, Podophyllum 9CH, Veratrum alb 9CH
  7. Ears: Aconite 30CH, Belladonna 30CH, Chamomilla 9CH, Ferrum Phos 9CH, Hepar Sulph 6X, Kali Mur 7CH, Merc Sol 9CH, Pulsatilla p. 30CH, Silica 12CH
  8. Injury: Arnica 30CH, Calendula 9CH, Hypericum 9CH, Ruta 9CH, Symphytum 9CH
  9. Lactation: Belladonna 30CH, Bryonia 30CH, Ferrum phos 30CH, Graphites 30CH, Phytolacca 30CH, Ricinus 30CH, Silicea 30CH, Urtica urens 30CH
  10. Teething: Aconite 9CH, Arnica 9CH, Belladonna 9CH, Calc Carb 9CH, Chamomilla 30CH, Mag mur 9CH, Pulsatilla p. 9CH
  11. Throat: Aconite 30CH, Apis 7CH, Belladonna 30CH, Ferrum Phos 5CH, Hepar Sulph 6CH, Lachesis 30CH, Merc Sol 9CH, Phytolacca 3CH, Streptococcus 15CH
  12. Tummy: Alumina 9CH, Calc carb 9CH, Carbo veg 9CH, Chelidonium 9CH, Graphites 9CH, Lycopodium 9CH, Mag phos 9CH, Nat mur 9CH, Nux vom.9CH, Passiflora 9CH

*No known allergens


This kit includes carefully formulated complexes, making it easy for you to quickly choose the most suitable and effective remedy.

Adults & Children: Administer a dose of 5 drops directly under the tongue.

Infants & babies: Either 1-2 drops directly into mouth or dilute 5 drops in half a teaspoon of boiled and cooled water.

Acute: Doses may be given every 30 min-2 hours, depending on condition and state of patient, reduce this frequency as symptoms improve to 3 x daily, stop once better.

Chronic: Doses may be given up to 3 x daily, or as needed.

The mouth should be free from food, drink and recently brushed teeth, avoid these for at least 15 minutes before or after administering the selected remedy.


Avoid repetitive use of Silicea with implants or previous TB infection


  • Glass 10ml bottles with plastic dropper lids
  • Carry case
  • Foam insert
  • Laminated information cards
  • Paper Keynote Family Guide booklet
  • Distilled water and impregnating ethanolic homeopathic remedies


Store this kit in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight, heat, radiation, cell phones & strong smells. Keep the remedy lids tightly sealed.

Unopened shelf life: 36 months

WARNING: Some illnesses can be life threatening and, if necessary, you should seek expert medical advice. Using your discretion, if improvement has not been seen within 24-48 hours, please consult with your practitioner.

Keep out of reach of children.

Giving more than one remedy at a time is not advised, however if indicated, one can follow on from one remedy to the next, or take alternating remedies at different times of day.