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Product Description

Groundbreaking Technology Delivers In-Depth Detox

A natural mineral, the zeolite clinoptilolite is renowned as nature’s detoxifier, yet in its raw form, cannot be absorbed by the body.

Using proprietary sound wave technology, Pure Body Extra Strength Touchstone Essentials zeolite particles are sized in the nanometer range—and suspended inside clusters of water molecules—to travel throughout the body.

These innovations are unique to Pure Body Extra Strength, and create a fast-acting and extra strength detox.

Just like water, Pure Body Extra Strength is colourless, odourless and tasteless, and is backed by a 30-day “good inside” guarantee. Just spray into the mouth, and the zeolite infused water molecules quickly carry detoxifying zeolite throughout the body.

DETOXIFY WITH ZEOLITE: Cleanse your body of toxins, heavy metals and pollutants with the original, nano-sized zeolite detoxifier.

ENJOY A NATURAL DETOX: Our 100% natural liquid zeolite is purified to perfection, and non-GMO, making it the ideal support for your whole-body health.

ELIMINATE TOXINS FOR IMPROVED HEALTH: Support your body’s natural immunity, restful sleep, sustained energy, clarity and focus by eliminating toxins.

EFFECTIVE CELLULAR CLEANSE: Unlike powdered zeolites, Pure Body Extra Strength uses a unique activated hydrated zeolite optimised to reach to a cellular level.

ALL-NATURAL FULL BODY DETOX: Advanced nanotechnology ensures maximum detox benefit with just 4 taste-free sprays, 3 times a day.

Every minute of every day, your body heals, repairs, and regenerates
you from the inside out. Yet everyday exposure to heavy metals and toxins builds up, and blocks your body’s natural abilities. Natural zeolite is nature’s answer to our toxic body burden.

Breakthrough sound wave technology creates the world’s first colloidal
zeolite. Touchstone Essentials’ Pure Body Extra Strength Touchstone Essentials colloidal zeolite helps clean out the chemicals from the body—with an easy-to-use spray—so
you can make room for healthy in your life.

Why Detox? Toxins:
• Store in your fat cells, making it hard to lose weight.
• Mess with your memory, clarity and focus.
• Interfere with your immune system.
• Disrupt your endocrine systems, affecting your energy,
sleep and quality of life.
• Are unavoidable! They are in the food you eat,
water you drink and air you breathe.

Clinoptilolite Zeolite:
• Research shows it selectively binds to toxins including mercury, lead, cadmium, arsenic, radio active particles and volatile organic compounds.
• Extensively studied for efficacy (pubmed.gov).
• Granted GRAS status by the FDA (Generally Recognized as Safe).
• Helps to balance the body’s pH, considered essential for good health.
• Acts like a magnet to attract and trap heavy metals and positively-charged toxins in and onto its crystalline structure.

3 sprays morning, noon and night or according to a practitioners protocol.