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Product Description

Heart of Cultures Whole Food Vitamin C is a proprietary blend of wild harvested indigenous baobab fruit and organic rosehips that provides a 100% natural, whole food vitamin C. This potent, highly bioavailable form of vitamin C is EXPLODING with anti-oxidants and health supporting phytonutrients, free from synthetic ascorbic acid. It is non-acidic and naturally pure and whole – immune supportive and healing, like nature intended.

Wholefood C:

  • Is a powerful anti-oxidant and rich source of bioavailable copper
  • Assists detoxing of pesticides and chemicals
  • Chelates heavy metals
  • Aids in activation of fat transporting molecule, carnitine
  • Assists in manufacture of adrenaline and cortisol
  • Regulator of cholesterol levels

Directions: Take 2-4 capsules per day

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