Online YOGA

A selection of online yoga and meditation classes for you to flow through!

What class do you feel like doing?

Tash, our team yoga instructor has curated some yoga & meditation journeys for your body and mind. We have included some free classes for you to try out before you commit to a monthly program. In our monthly program, we have included classes for beginners, as well as a variety of different lengths of classes.

Tash is an Ashtanga trained yoga teacher that had now dived deep into the world of Yoga Flow. She likes to explore the link between what happens on and off the mat and how we can challenge ourselves to use our practice to guide our lives.

While traveling around the world, she has been exposed to a number of influential yoga teachers.  A number of them have committed their time and their energy to filming some classes for you.  We look forward to introducing you to them in the monthly program (coming soon).