Guidance on how to restore balance and fine tune your health in a way that works for you

Holistic Approach

Kimberly has over 10 years experience in the health industry and is passionate about moving away from the “calories in calories out “ diet culture to an approach that focuses on helping people tune into their body’s innate wisdom. It’s not about how much you are eating but rather the quality of what you are eating. She strongly believes that a nourished balanced body doesn’t hold onto weight, pain, discomfort or injury. 

After years of experience and witnessing the power of food and how the body can heal when past traumas are released and stress is managed. Kimberly is furthering her studies in Natural Medicine, with a special focus on the mind, spirit and body connection to health. 

She works with clients to help bring back balance to the body through quality foods and supplementation.

Connect with Kimberly to discuss ways in which she can help you bring back balance through lifestyle and nutritional changes. 


Looking to feel great again?

There are solutions...

If you are stuck, overwhelmed, tired, struggling with your health and looking for a long-term solution that works for you then you are in the right place.

Addressing imbalances, making small lifestyle changes and figuring out which foods work for you along with some guided supplementation (if needed) can make a big difference. My goal is to help restore balance and get you to your health goals.

Booking options

  • 15 minute free consultation
  • 30 minute supplementation analysis
  • 1-2 hour consultation
  • (including 3 x 20 min follow-ups)

You may only need one session but often healing can take a little longer. It depends on how long and how severe your imbalances are. Once you have done the in-depth initial consultation, which includes 3 follow-ups in the following weeks there is an option to sign up on a monthly basis. This includes weekly check-ins and daily WhatsApp availability. This structure offers the greatest support as it allows time to peel back the onion layers as well as build up your knowledge so that you are empowered to make the best decisions for your health going forward.

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