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15 minute FREE consultation

A 15 min consultation to discuss some of the issues you are dealing and determine the best way forward. I’m looking forward to meeting you.

30 minute supplementation analysis

Overwhelmed by the number of supplements on the shelf? Lets take a look and narrow it down. Often you can get exactly what you need from food and sometimes it isn’t that simple, particurly if you are depleted (Mothers, athletes, high stress lifestyles and IBS/D sufferes etc.)

Your First Consultation

A more in-depth look at any imbalances you are struggling with and the best way forward to address the using targeted supplementation (if needed), nutritional and lifestyle interventions. The longer you have been struggling with an issue the longer it can take to bring back balance, which is why included in the initial fee is 3 x 20 minute weekly follow-ups in the 3 weeks following your first consultation.

Book your FREE 15 min consultation

You may only need one session but often healing can take a little longer.

It depends on how long and how severe your imbalances are. I take a limited number of clients so that I can offer WhatsApp to support between consultations. I find that this offers the greatest support and builds up your knowledge so that you are empowered to make the best decisions for your health.