– 1 -2 hour consultation (via video or phone)

– Assessment of your health history and health goals

– Identifying any imbalances

– Reviewing your diet and supplements and how to optimise both

– Reviewing stress and ways to reduce stress

– Optimising timing of meals

– A focus on high quality foods that works for you and your budget

– No portion sizing or calorie counting

– Full report via email with a protocol and guidelines

– Recipe e-book

– 3 x 20 minute weekly catch ups in the 3 weeks following your consult

– Whatsapp support for 3 weeks following your first consultation

Based on your consultation we will discuss a way forward. 3 weeks may be enough to set you on the right path but should you need guidance over a longer period of time, there is an option to sign up for continued 20-30 minute weekly catch-ups at R750 per month.  This includes weekly Whatsapp support over this time.