A beginner’s journey

A reflective workbook for NEW interior yacht crew.


The details

Who is this for?

New interior yacht crew that are joining the Yachting Industry for the first time.

What does it cover?

This workbook will take you through a series of questions, encouraging you to take a look at your inner world, reflect on your goals and what lies ahead of you. It will encourage you to reflect on the skillset that you are offering your future employers, what challenges you might find ahead of you and what fears you might need to overcome.

How will it benefit you?

The benefit of reflection is endless.  It encourages you to create an awareness of the challenges and excitement that lies ahead of you.  It encourages you to tackle what is coming your way head-on and reflect on the skills you already have within you to succeed.

This workbook makes you think about your reasons for joining the industry, the goals you are setting, and the way in which you are managing your entry into the unknown.