14 Day Mind & Body Detox – INTERNATIONAL

Body, Mind & Soul Reset


This product is for our international clients only, we will try our best to help you source a good alternative to the Vibrant Cleanse Product and teas if we cannot find the specific ones in your country.  We will also give you all the digital versions of the workbooks, calendars and recipe plans.

A gentle and intuitive detox of the mind and body centered around a 3 day Vibrant Cleanse (fasting cleanse) and aided by daily meditations, mindfulness and yoga. 

Included in the detox:

  • 8-day plant based pre-cleanse to support the liver in preparation for the 3 day fast
  • 3- day Fast
  • 4 day post-cleanse to help you ease out of your Vibrant Cleanse
  • Shopping list provided
  • Digital Recipe E-book
  • Digital Workbook
  • Daily focus words to help guide you through the 14 days
  • Daily online  yoga classes specifically programmed to aid detoxification and encourage daily focus words
  • Daily meditations or breathing practices 
  • Online daily check-ins and gratitude journaling 

Benefit to YOU:

  • Encourages you to adopt an intuitive and holistic attitude towards your health and mindfulness
  • Helps to reset your neural pathways towards gratitude and abundance
  • Encourage stillness and reflection, resulting in a mindful approach to our days. 
  • A 3 day fast, will leave you feeling energized and detoxed.

Your Daily Dose

Every day you will receive the following:


We have divided the nutritional reset into 3 sections:

  • 7 Day pre cleanse – gentle preparation
  • 3 Day fast
  • 4 Day Post cleanse – gentle reintroduction


Every day you will receive:

  • 30 Minute yoga class tailored to the detox process
  • Online and available to your timeline
  • Guided by our very own yoga teachers


Every day you will receive:

  • Guided Meditation
  • Questions to trigger a journey into your sub-concious
  • A focus word for the day
  • Gratitude journaling space