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  • May 31, 2022


Red Marine Algae

Gigartina Red Marine Algae is part of the Sea Moss family. What makes this particular strain so great is that is contains the highest levels of sulphated polysaccharides that have the immune benefit.

They help coat and protect healthy cells and prevent the enzymes that allow a virus to replicate, therefore having a 2 fold effect. It’s best used as soon as you start feeling run down. It’s great for kids (the capsules are small), during pregnancy, and for anyone who needs to tip the balance of their immune system particularly when it comes to latent viruses such as EBV, Glandular fever, Cold Sores, etc.

One to keep on hand over the winter months. Along with a couple of others, we’ll be highlighting soon 🤗 In the meantime click the link in our bio to head to our online shop.

The best defense is rest and a calm nervous system.