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  • May 6, 2022


Some easy-to-apply tools.

With so much talk about mindfulness, it is sometimes hard to understand exactly what is meant by implementing it into your day?

Mindfulness is the awareness of what is happening in the here and now, both internally and externally. These tools that we draw on, encourage us to come back to the present moment and become more aware at any given time.

🌬 BREATHE. The most powerful way of coming back to your body and coming back to the present moment is drawing attention to your breath. If you are able to add a simple 5-10 min breathwork practice into your daily routine, that is great. However, even the awareness of your breath is a good start. If you feel yourself become anxious, stressed, or emotionally charged take a moment to come back to your breath.

🌷 PAY ATTENTION. See if you can reduce your multi-tasking and instead pay attention to whichever task at hand. When brushing your teeth, can you pay attention, and do this mindfully? When driving to work – try to become aware of your route. See if you can switch off from autopilot and engage your awareness muscle.

🧘🏽‍♀️ MEDITATION – ah the most life-changing for me (Tash). There are so many apps out there, if you are wanting to start dabbling in meditation. As little as two minutes a day can be integral in reducing stress and rewiring your brain. Chat to me if you would like more info.

🌿 TIME IN NATURE. A beautiful way to become present is to take some time in nature – whether gardening, walking on the beach, hiking up a mountain, or sitting amongst trees, it is all restorative. The fresh air, the sun – it is so good for you!

🚴🏻‍♀️ MOVEMENT – You can choose whatever you would like to get your blood flowing. A gentle walk, a vigorous run, a smooth yoga class – find a way to move your body daily.

💌 GRATITUDE JOURNALING. It is scientifically proven that gratitude increases our overall well-being. Cultivating a gratitude practice creates an abundance mindset and shows us how much we truly have to be grateful for. If journaling is not your thing, keep a voice note diary, or let your plants know 🙂