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  • May 13, 2022

Seasonal Tips

Some tips to fight the winter blues!

Strengthening your body with key nutrients is the best preventative. We’ve listed some below. Start moving towards nourishing your body with soups and stews. It’s a great way to warm your body whilst packing in nutrients. Adding a good quality bone broth will help support your gut (key to immune health) as well as provide additional nourishment.
Super Natural C
A whole food vitamin C, which means your body absorbs. It’s non-acidic and doesn’t have any negative side effects. Only take whole food vitamin C – it has many important roles in the body particularly if you lead a stressful life.
Zinc Combo
Make use of this combo deal and get your hands on the only wholefood sourced Zinc in SA. Synthetic Zincs deplete copper is a vital nutrient in controlling histamine and immune system regulation.
Vitamin D3
Essential for immune health over the winter months and currently 50% off. Stock expires at the end of the month but is good for another 2 years.
A key mineral for lung health and a potent anti-viral. It also contains Sea Kelp so you get a dose of Iodine which is essential for the immune system.
Liver Capsules
Rich in key nutrients but particularly copper and vitamin A. Both play a vital role in the immune system and overall health. Interesting fact: both copper and Vitamin A regulate the iron recycle system, restoring balance rather than overburdening the body.
Keep these ones close to hand! We always have these in our medicine cabinet.
Bacterial Defense
A POTENT broad spectrum “antibiotic”. This blend has been shown to work against a wide range of bacteria and fungi. Take high doses at the first signs of illness.  Safe for children and during pregnancy (2nd and 3rd trimester)
Immune Defense
Great first intervention or as a booster over the winter months. It will prevent bacteria from moving any further into the body. Reducing severity and duration of illness and often stopping it in its tracks if taken early enough.  Safe for children and during pregnancy.
POTENT anti-viral. It prevents the replication of a virus. It also works really well with viral croup. Another one that is best taken at first signs of illness. Take on an empty stomach. Safe for children and during pregnancy.

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