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  • August 7, 2021



“I started this mentorship program with Chantal because I resonated so deeply with the classes I did with her at YogaLife.  And it has been groundbreaking for me.  It has challenged me and made me step into myself in a way that I could have never expected from the program.  I started with the intention of becoming a better teacher and midway through the program, I am benefiting in more ways than I could have hoped for.  The meditation practice that Chantal has encouraged me to do, has become a daily practice that encourages me to witness my thoughts and identify when I feel deregulated.  It has helped me both personally and professionally.”
This program offers up the time, tools and space to cultivate a conscious friendship with your body and felt experiences. 
Reconnecting with your body through curiosity and awareness practices has the potential to open you up to sensations and emotions that may have not had a voice for a long time. This making contact with yourself from a place of felt experience can help to lessen the burden of ‘shoulds’ in your head and offer up the space for you to engage with yourself and others more intimately. 
Some of the tools on offer:
  • Understanding of your Nervous System/Brain
  • Your nervous system through the lens of Brain development
  • Mindfulness meditation & philosophy
  • Mindfulness tools & techniques
Some of the felt shifts that you might experience:
  • Able to redirect energy from reminuating to thinking clearly and coherently
  • Able to make contact with the felt experience of moments rather than only the thoughts about the moment
  • Recognize and work with fear from a more reality based perspective
  • Experience a wide range of emotions without being swept away or overwhelmed
  • Awareness of unrealistic expectations of yourself and others
This program is tailored completely to your needs, and changes weekly as we uncover and grow together. We will get to know each other during this time and you will receive unconditional support and non-judgemental listening along the way. 
All sessions can be done over Zoom or in person. 
If you’re curious please reach out to Chantal at cohen.chantaliris@gmail.com