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  • October 30, 2022


The body of evidence has shown that saffron extract may support various conditions related
to mental health.

 Mood-related disorders (anxiety)
 Stress
 Sleep

“Homeopathy is a medicine that stimulates healing by matching your energetic frequency and amplifying it, supporting your body's own healing vitality to overcome whatever is causing your symptoms” Dr. Elaine

Contrary to popular belief there is a science to back its effectiveness. Personally, I have felt and seen the difference in my children. It’s the only thing that reduced Julian’s tonsils when they grew to grade 4 size. It’s been life-changing for me in the way I support our family through times of illness or emotional developmental leaps. They also haven’t needed an antibiotic yet.
Homeopathy in the Home is a great reference book for those looking to learn more. The Mom and Baby Kit by Keynote Remedies is an amazing home kit to help you get started with everything you need.

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