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  • June 13, 2021




“Ashe’s energy and treatments are nothing short of magic.  In the comfort of my home, she calmly sets up her bed and works my body through an incredible healing experience.  I always feel healed and calm by the time my session ends.  Ashe has such a beautiful demeanor and she has become someone that I deeply connect with and really appreciate her healing in my life.  She has an undeniable presence and skillset.”


• Fascia Release Massage Therapy
• For women
• Safely at home or safely away from home if it’s what you need

Ashe’s mission is to help you release any energy blockage that is stuck in your body and give you a safe space to feel whatever it is that needs to be felt.

Fascia plays a major role in whole body communication. It is our richest sensory organ. Unlike muscle, the fascia does not receive input from the brain or the nervous system. There are no motor nerves in fascia. Instead, there is a wealth of sensory nerves. Fascia has ten times more sensory nerve endings than in muscle tissue. The latest studies show there is a massive amount of communication occurring within the body with little input from the central nervous system or the brain. Cell to cell, organ to organ, joint to joint communication is occurring on an ELECTRICAL AND VIBRATIONAL level through the fluid of the fascia. More signals come through the connective tissue than through the nervous system.