Tranquil Blend

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Tranquil is the perfect end to the working day and your natural alternative to medicinal sleep remedies.

The combination of herbs in this blend work together to improve your sleep and help shift your nervous system into stillness before bed to allow your body and mind to rest deeply.

During our deep sleep, the skins metabolic rate speeds up which helps with skin repair and allows our cells to restore.

Tranquil is the most medicinal blend in the range with a combination of beautifully strong herbs, if you prefer a sweeter tea you can add some honey to your nightly cup or a slice of lemon and ginger.

Allow yourself to Steep – Sip – Sleep – Restore

Oatstraw – is one of the most nutritive herbs to the nervous system especially when it comes to exhaustion due to stress. Rich in B vitamins and magnesium which help to soothe and strengthen our nerves. Helps to restore the integrity of our nervous system.

Passionflower – depresses the central nervous system, reducing any nervous tension and restlessness when it comes to sleep. It is known to promote peaceful sleep for those who tend to overthink.

Valerian – has shown to increase levels of GABA – which is our calming, come down neurotransmitter. This will help ease us into sleep faster and reduce nervous tension that is disrupting our sleep. Helping to sedate those who are especially anxious.

Lavender – can be attributed mainly to the strong calming aroma it gives off, to help calm the anxious mind and helping to enable to a better perspective.


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