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  • May 6, 2022

Sea Kelp

& Its benefits post-pregnancy.

I  (Kimberly) was chatting to a friend about Sea Kelp and how amazing it has been for me post-pregnancy and she said, actually she remembers that whilst living in Korea her post-partum friends were brought Seaweed soup for a month after delivery. It turns out that it is a Korean tradition and it’s genius!

It is called Miyeok-guk and is believed to help with recovery and the production of breast milk. Miyeok is rich in trace minerals, particularly iodine, which is how we circle back to Sea Kelp 😉

Sea Kelp is high in Iodine, a natural form of Iodine. It contains vitamins A, B1, B2, C, D, and E, as well as minerals including zinc, iodine, magnesium, iron, potassium, copper, and calcium. It is a great all-rounder but the key nutrient in my opinion is Iodine!

Your iodine requirements close to triple during pregnancy and lactation and if you exercise, drink chlorinated water, or packaged baked goods then you are likely to need even more.

An in-utero deficiency is linked to
⚡ Lowered IQ
⚡ Decrease in Educational ability
⚡ Depression
⚡ Poor bone and height maturation

In women it can contribute to
⚡ Infertility
⚡ Hair loss
⚡ Thyroid disorders
⚡ Hormone imbalance
⚡ Low energy

Having gone through 3 pregnancies and 5 years of breastfeeding! I still feel like I’m playing catch up on nutritional deficiencies!

After my third pregnancy, my hair started to fall out and I constantly felt like I needed to sit down until I started to take the Earthier Selenium and Sea Kelp in combination.

It changed my life. I feel human again. I have energy, my metabolism feels optimised and my hair has grown back!

I have a newfound respect for my body and the amount of nourishment it has given to my precious babies. Don’t wait until after you’ve had children. Start now, optimize your health, balance hormones, release trauma, and NOURISH your body!